Weed control folk remedies

Literally every gardener understands how many problems and troubles are brought by weeds in the garden. Sometimes the fight against them turns into a real war. Some resort to modern approaches, but they are not available to everyone. For this reason, there is a need to find folk remedies for weeds. In this article we will tell you about interesting ways and means. You will learn how to destroy weeds in the garden with folk remedies.

Ways of destruction

Today there are 2 basic means of how to destroy these pests in the garden, namely by chemical and mechanical means. In the case of the mechanical, the land / garden is mowed or weeded. However, do not assume that after the first weeding, your lawn or garden will no longer be attacked by weeds. Mechanical pest control should be carried out regularly. This is especially true of such weeds as bindweed, wood louse, dandelion.

Thus, the mechanical removal of weeds is carried out with the help of a garden fork or other convenient material. A special tool is needed here, since this work is painstaking. In the process of removing weeds, it is important to ensure that the soil is not disturbed.

Tip! Mechanically remove the pest with the root. Otherwise, it will quickly re-grow.

As for the chemical method, special herbicides are used here. These tools allow you to cope with a serious problem, even if it is already pretty long. However, their use is permissible only when the lawn is already sufficiently strengthened. Therefore, if you just planted a lawn, then use these drugs is allowed at least one year later. But not every type of lawn is able to cope with this type of drugs.

Moreover, the use of special preparations for the destruction of weeds requires special care. For example, it is important to consider such recommendations:

  • After using a chemical product, you can mow the lawn only after three days.
  • Use special tools only in weather when there is no wind.

As you can see, all this requires a special approach. For this reason, weed control folk remedies sometimes come to the fore. Let's get acquainted with several ways. Moreover, the lawn is significantly different garden.

Folk remedies

If you look into the methods of popular struggle to destroy the pest in the garden, you can find a lot of interesting methods of how to completely remove weeds on the plot and garden. Consider some of the common folk remedies for the destruction of these plants.

Alcohol. If you are interested in the culture in the garden to grow well and not overgrow with harmful plants, then disinfection is necessary. For this, ordinary alcohol is used. It should be diluted with water 1 to 10. Using this solution it is necessary to treat all the land, where most often there are weeds in the garden. If all goes well, the pests may not grow on such land for about one year.

Herbicidal Soap Another no less effective means of how to remove weeds from the garden, the use of herbicidal soap. It can be made with your own hands, and then evenly sprayed on all existing weeds. This composition can be made by hand. To do this, use a rubbed soap, vinegar, salt. All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Vinegar and salt. Of course, the use of purchased herbicide preparations is an effective solution. However, many weed control products are worth a lot of money. For this reason, many people prefer in the fight against weeds in the garden just folk remedies. Moreover, chemistry does not always have a positive effect on the soil itself. For this reason, many gardeners use conventional acetic acid. So, for the beds you must use a solution of 5%. If it is necessary to remove large pests, it may require a more effective means, namely vinegar and salt. Do it yourself should not be a big deal. In a bucket pour 4 liters of vinegar. It should have 9%. In this liquid, add half a glass of salt and liquid soap. Stir the whole mixture thoroughly. Application is carried out, as in all other ways, the places affected by harmful plants, spray this mixture.

Tip! When using such a mixture, it is important to ensure that the composition you make does not fall on the cultivated plants. Otherwise they may be damaged.

As for the processing time, it is best to do this work in the early morning when there is no strong sunlight.

Weed control on the lawn

How to deal with weeds in the garden by folk methods is clear. Now briefly tell you how to get rid of them on the lawn. After all, many gardeners grow lawn in their yard. Immediately it is worth noting that this is a long process and requires patience. There are annual plants. Therefore, it is enough to mow them immediately with the grass until the onset of their flowering. In this case, they will not have time to give the seeds and scatter them throughout the lawn. And although with this option they will not disappear completely, but it will significantly weaken.

Among other things, there are creeping weeds. Such pests in the garden or lawn do not fall under the haircut, and grow on the ground. Here with them the struggle becomes more complicated. As a rule, it is bindweed, wood louse and the like. To combat them, it is necessary to perform weeding with a rake or a special garden fork.

If we speak of the most dangerous weeds, it is a perennial. He has powerful roots. For example, chamomile, sow thistle, plantain, dandelion. They do not even take an ordinary mower. Therefore, this type of weed should be removed exclusively by hand. No national remedies will even come to the rescue here.

Getting rid of weeds forever

Someone may argue, and is it possible to destroy harmful plants forever with folk remedies. Today, there are traditional means against weeds. Earlier we told you about such folk remedies. Now we will pay attention to the question of how to deal with weeds in the garden so that they do not return.

The most accessible folk material is salt. This folk remedy for weeds in the garden is the least. So, around the garden sprinkle salt and soon you will not see there weeds. At the same time at least 300 mm should be retreated from the growing culture. It is necessary to pour a small amount of salt.

Important! When watering the garden will be carried out, the dissolved salt will penetrate into the soil and the brine will simply impede growth and their development. This is one of the most effective ways of folk destroying weeds in the garden.

Another budgetary folk remedy of how weed is handled by some is the use of soda. Its application is very simple. Mix soda with water and pour a small weed into this solution. As with the use of salt, the distance from the cultivated plant should be at least 300 mm.

Among the folk remedies of how to deal with weeds in the garden and paths, used vinegar. We can safely say that the use of this liquid completely destroy the plant. However, when using it, it is important to be careful, because there is always the risk of accidentally touching a cultivated plant.

Many people struggle with weeds and grass, using sawdust or paper. How? Preparations for the fight to destroy the weeds should begin in the fall. The edge of the beds should be filled with sawdust. After one year, sawdust can be dug up with the ground, and in their place pour new ones.

As you can see, there are different popular methods of struggle. In any case, do not give up, if you first fail. If folk remedies do not help, then you can use special preparations. In specialized stores they can be found in large quantities. However, do not rush to use chemicals that can harm the entire soil. First try all the available and simple folk remedies for the destruction of the pest, and then go to the "heavy artillery."


So, here we have considered all the features of the folk ways of how to completely get rid of and destroy weeds in the garden. Of course, the work is not easy, but the results are completely worth it.