Weed Remedy - Hurricane


Weeds annoy people not only in gardens and gardens. Often weedy prickly plants fill the yard area, and even a trimmer cannot cope with them. Sometimes it becomes necessary to free industrial areas from rough vegetation when it interferes with the passage of transport and the implementation of loading and unloading operations. In all these cases, instead of mowing the territory, it is more advisable to use effective herbicides of continuous action. One of these drugs is called Hurricane Forte and it will be described in detail in this article.

Drug description

Hurricane Forte is produced by the Swiss company Syngenta. This alone speaks volumes about its quality.

The drug is one of the most effective systemic herbicides of continuous action. Herbicide is a special means for the destruction of weeds. Systematicity in this case means the peculiarities of its action on plants. The active ingredient in contact with any part of a growing plant spreads through all tissues to the points of weed growth. The consequence of this is the extinction of both the aerial part and the root system of the treated weeds.

Continuous action, as you might guess, means the destruction of all members of the plant kingdom who fall into his path. Naturally, this also applies to cultivated plants. Even shrubs and trees are affected by Hurricane Forte - in this case only the concentration of the solution prepared for work increases.

Based on its features, the scope of application of this drug for weed control is very extensive: it is actively used in the development of new agricultural land, in gardens and vineyards, in fields and industrial facilities, as well as in personal plots. There are no plants resistant to this herbicide. In private gardens, it is used primarily for the purification of the yard area, the destruction of weeds along the fences and on the paths and walkways. Often it is used for the development of newly launched virgin areas.

Externally, it is a yellow-brown liquid. It can be stored at a fairly large temperature range: from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C without losing its herbicidal properties.

Comment! The drug is odorless and when diluted and applied does not form a foam.

The composition and principle of operation

Weed Remedy The hurricane is a concentrate of the potassium salt of glyphosate acid in the form of an aqueous solution. It is very soluble in water and compared to many analogues in the form of the sodium salt of the same active ingredient has a more rapid effect on vegetation. In addition, the composition of the drug is enriched with surfactants. When spraying on the leaves of weeds, they moisturize them, washing away the protective wax coating, and allow the active substance to easily penetrate inside.

With a systemic effect, the drug does not affect the leaves directly. When the active substance reaches the roots, it blocks the biochemical reactions responsible for energy metabolism. After 2-3 days, the yellowing of the tops and the main points of growth begins. At the same time, adult lower leaves may still remain green in color. Within 7-9 days, annual weeds die from the effects of the drug, perennial plants need a period as early as 10-15 days, and extra trees and shrubs dry up usually within 1-2 months. Since there comes the complete destruction of all, including the underground organs of plants, they are no longer able to grow back.

Attention! It should be borne in mind that the action of Hurricane Forte does not apply to weed seeds.

And since the latter can persist in the soil for many years, then after a while it is still possible to overgrow the site again.

You also need to understand that the drug acts best on the green, actively growing vegetative parts of plants. If the plant is already quite old, sluggish or semi-dried, the active substance will not be able to spread inside it.

Instructions for the application of Hurricane Forte from weeds claims that the herbicide in the soil is completely inactive and decomposes relatively quickly into safe substances: water, carbon dioxide, ammonia and inorganic phosphorus compounds. That is, two weeks after the treatment, it is possible to plant or sow cultivated plants intended for food use.

How to apply Hurricane Forte

Hurricane Forte is applied by spraying onto vegetative weeds using any kind of sprayer. To prepare the working solution, you must first fill approximately half of the sprayer tank with clean water. Then in the tank it is necessary to dilute the required amount of the drug, mix thoroughly, add water, so that the required volume is obtained and mix again. Before spraying the container with the solution, it is desirable to shake it again so that the solution turns completely homogeneous during processing.

If you conceived to apply Hurricane Forte in a mixture with other drugs, then it should be the first to be diluted in water. And only making sure that it is completely dissolved, you can add other components.

Important! The working solution must be used within 24 hours from the moment of preparation. With further storage, it loses all its properties.

To destroy annual weeds, it is necessary to use a 0.2-0.3% working solution, that is, 20-30 ml of the preparation is added to a ten-liter bucket of water. This amount of diluted solution is enough for processing 300-400 square meters. m area depending on the density of plant growth. For perennial weeds, the concentration should be increased to 0.4-0.5%. For the destruction of trees and shrubs, the concentration of the prepared solution should be at least 0.6-0.8%. On one bush enough one liter of working solution. For trees, the consumption can be about 2-3 liters per tree.

Features of the drug

When working with Hurricane Forte, the following features must be considered to obtain an effective result.

  • Treatment with the drug should be carried out in warm, calm and dry weather. It makes no sense to use Hurricane Forte, if the weather forecast promises rain for the next 6-8 hours.
  • Also undesirable dew loss within 4-6 hours after application of the Hurricane. That is why it is recommended to carry out treatment in the morning.
  • When using Hurricane Forte, it is important to consider the growth phase of weeds. For annual plants, the optimal time for processing is when they reach a height of 5-10 cm or release 2-4 first leaves. Perennials should preferably be processed in the flowering phase (for broadleaf weeds) or when they reach a height of 10-20 cm.
  • To prepare the working solution, it is important to use clean, preferably filtered water. If only polluted water is available, the effect may be reduced several times, therefore, treatment with a poison is not advisable. It is better to use other methods.
  • The use of the drug is also undesirable under adverse weather conditions - the onset of frost, drought, or, conversely, when the soil is wet.
  • It is undesirable to combine the use of Hurricane Forte with mechanical methods of tillage, as a result of damage to the root system, and the drug is not able to be absorbed. You also can not loosen the ground for a week after applying the drug.

The effectiveness of Hurricane Forte has been proven by many examples of its use. It is only necessary to carefully observe all the conditions of its application.