Caramel carrots

Carrot Caramel is an early ripe variety with high yields. It can be plucked from the bed already after 70-110 days after germination. The main value lies in the excellent taste, which has a rich content of sugar and carotene (the less these components, the more carrots become tasteless and bitter). Still, we should not forget that the sweeter the root crop, the more useful it is, rendering great benefits to the growing organism. The considered variety of carrots is suitable for baby food, as well as those who need diet food. The flesh tastes very juicy, sweet.


The root crop has an orange color, it has a cylindrical shape, the length is 15-17 cm, the weight of the fruit reaches 90-165 g, the surface is smooth. A positive feature of many gardeners in the description of the variety of carrots Caramel distinguish its excellent keeping quality. This variety has good resistance to cracking and tsvetushnosti. It can be used to make fresh carrot juice. If you look at the appearance of the root, then immediately sprawling rosette of leaves, the leaf itself has an average size of green. This variety also has a number of characteristics: dry matter contains 14-15%, carotene content reaches 16 ml per 100 g, and sugar content is 6.5-7.5. The output of marketable products is 68-86%.

On the following photo of the Caramel carrot you can see that all the above words are not an empty sound, which is the basis of numerous positive reviews.

Causes of carrot cracking are:

  • soil moistening is uneven;
  • excess fertilizer;
  • top dressing is not quite correctly picked up;
  • heavy ground (carrots like loose earth);
  • carrots trite overripe.

To avoid all this, watering should be moderate, watering best between rows should be avoided watering under the root of the plant. If the place of cultivation is characterized by a large abundance of rain, then it will be useful to plant a salad between the rows.

Instructions for landing

It is worth remembering that for planting carrots is best to use sandy soil. It would be better if onions, cucumbers, and potatoes were planted earlier in this place. Sowing itself must begin in late April to get early production. Seeds are planted in grooves, 3-4 cm deep. Between rows, a distance of 17-20 cm must be maintained. When after the shoots 14 days have passed, thinning should be carried out. After the root crop reaches 1 cm in diameter, a second thinning is carried out, in this case 5-6 cm should be left between the plants. Subsequently, the fruits need careful weeding, watering and loosening. Harvesting of the root is usually carried out in late September. At the beginning of November, it is possible to carry out subwinter crops, it is at this time that the temperature most often drops to 5 degrees. Only in this case, seeds are planted in the soil to a depth of 1-2 cm. In order to obtain carrots for storage, the seeds must be sown at the end of May.

Important! Variety of carrots Caramel is resistant to diseases and carrot flies, which makes it possible to refrain from treatment with pesticides.

The above variety is more and more popular among gardeners due to its high positive characteristics. It is really useful for the children's body, which immediately attracts the attention of young mothers to it.

Reviews on a variety of carrots Caramel

Natalya, 43, Samara. I decided to plant the seeds of Caramel this spring. As a result, I received a good harvest. Carrots really have excellent taste, are well stored, and the juice is excellent. The main thing is that he likes my children. Anastasia, 32, Angarsk I checked 5 varieties of carrots for germination and chose only two varieties of them, and Karamelka came here. In general, I would like to say that the harvest is rich, the carrots are quite large, the shelf life is quite long. It tastes sweet and juicy. I recommend it to everyone. Dmitry, 51, Minsk I have already tried many varieties of carrots, I liked something, something didn’t really, but I liked Caramel. I would like to highlight the ease of care, does not cause unnecessary trouble, yet the root crop is weakly prone to various diseases. If the seeds are planted in early June, then you can get a good harvest, which is stored for a long time. Oksana, 52, Voronezh I can not say that I just admired this variety, but you can’t say anything bad about Caramel. Nevertheless, it is really pleasant to the taste, well grown, well kept. Once the grandchildren eat up for both cheeks, it means that we must continue to grow it further, there is nowhere to go.